Technology cooperation and exchange - a case study

Vicomtech and DFKI have successfully implemented a model for technology cooperation and exchange on the 3D Object Tracker SDK Technology from the Augmented Vision Department of DFKI (see 

Augmented Reality is a well-known technology since decades, but still the Quality of Experience (QoE) is not optimal for widespread industrial use. DFKI has developed a world-class technology for very accurate 3D Object Tracking. This is a key enabler for the seamless integration of virtual 3D Models in a Real scene, fixing the virtual 3D model to the real object in an extremely robust way, thus avoiding the jitter and loss of synchronisation between both. These results have been already published and demonstrated in the best conferences and journals  (such as ISMAR-17 and MDPI Computers 2018). 

Vicomtech identified the potential of this technology, and decided to work in a cooperation agreement with DFKI for Technology Cooperation in this Technology Asset. This agreement includes the seamless integration of this Asset for demonstration purposes, addition of other integration layers for  integral solutions,  and special conditions for licensing and usage in case of industrial of cooperative projects with third parties. workshop in Saclay, Paris

Recently, organized a network internal workshop at the premises of one of its partners, CEA-LIST, at Saclay, close to Paris.

The workshop was attended by 9 researchers and other staff elements from members CEA-LIST, DFKI, CCG, Vicomtech and HHI, and from it followed up on the annual cooperation workshop held in September last year where 6 innovative project concepts were elaborated by the participants.

The purpose of this workshop was to detail 2 of the aforementioned ideas, with regard to advanced technology for surgery, and specifically targeting open and upcoming H2020 calls for proposals.

New member: CGAII

CGAII, the Chinese-German Artificial Intelligence Institute, is the newest member of the GraphicsMedia network.

CGAII was founded in 2016, and is located in Zhuhai, China, close to Hong Kong and Macau. The mission of the institute is to be a technology-sharing, talent and culture exchange platform between China and Europe, focusing on technologies and new products that incorporate, namely AI and Computer Graphics. Currently, CGAII employs close to 70 high-skilled researchers and engineers. The research area's are:

  • 3D Digital Reconstruction
  • Computer vision inspection in the industry field
  • AR&VR
  • Intelligent image 3D digital recognition technology
  • Body Tracking & Activity Recognition
  • Visual system development of an intelligent walking robot

The first strategic cooperation that the institute established with a European partner was with another member, DFKI. The cooperation agreement was signed in May 2017, in the presence of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and China's Prime Minister, Li Keqiang. After its successful implementation and initiation of operations in 2016, CGAII already established a series of strategic cooperations with other members.


CGAII is also closely affiliated with 4dage ( which acts as the commercialization partner for technology and products developed by CGAII and partners, and as a hub for R&D and innovation from into the Chinese market.

World Usability Day 2017

On November 10th, World Usability Day 2017 will take place at Hotel de Guimarães, Guimarães, Portugal. The event is organized by's partner CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica.

Ever since 2005, the organizers of this series create a single day of events occurring around the world that brings together communities of professional, industrial, educational, citizen, and government groups for our common objective: to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

This year's edition will focus on automation and HMI in a variety of settings, from the control room to the car.

The event will gather several experts from Germany, Norway, France, the UK and Portugal.

More information on the event, including schedule, venue and registration, at